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Welcome to Clarity Candles where we love our customers!

Get the best candle with a diamond ring from Clarity Candles.

long-banner.jpgWhat makes us better?
  • Our candles smell great all the way through as they should! (How about that!)
  • Choose your ring size!
  • Refreshing room filling scent.
  • Sort transit times.
  • Variety of rings. Increased chances of receiving a new ring with every purchase.
  • Each candle is handmade.
  • Reusable glass.
Clarity Candles receive rave reviews. Not only because of the aromatic scent that will fill the room when you spark the flame but also because of the fabulous gift you will find within every Clarity Candle
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In each enchanting candle is a ring. The value of the ring will be $15-$5,000!!! 
Select Clarity Candles will contain a beautiful diamond ring. Every candle will contain a ring that will have the bearer feeling fabulous. Whether it’s a diamond ring in the candle or a beautiful gemstone ring you will appreciate of the beauty of the ring. 
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Here is what Heather Towson mentioned about our candles. 
"Clarity Candles is by far the best diamond prized candle company. First off their candles smell great from start to finish. These candles do not loose scent. But the main reason I purchase Clarity Candles are the rings within the candle. Their ring value starts at $15 and you can clearly see the difference. I have yet to receive the same ring twice. I haven’t hit the high dollar ring just yet. But the candles are a great value in themselves." Read more testimonials.
You've heard all the great things about candles with diamonds in them. 
Now get one Clarity Candles for yourself and one for someone else.